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Vision & Objectives


Vision Statement:

To secure an environment that furnishes quintessential Health, Livelihood and Prosperity from Medicinal Plants for all living beings by transparent and responsible means.


  1. by bringing together all the stakeholders on a common platform to work towards the common agenda of development of medicinal plants sector
  2. by Insitu Conservation and Exsitu resource augmentation
  3. through Information, Education and Communication programs to general public, farmers, students, and staff of line departments viz., Forest, AYUSH, Agriculture, Horticulture, etc.
  4. by coordination with research institutes and organisations
  5. by conducting conventions, workshops, seminars, exposure visits, hands-on training for targeted stakeholders like Buyers-sellers meet, researchers-farmers meet, Industries-Regulators meet, etc.
  6. by facilitating ease of carrying out various activities of the stakeholders



  1. Identify important medicinal plants that are endemic, RET and highly traded to be conserved in-situ as well as ex-situ across different agroclimatic regions of the State.

  2. To enhance the capability by capacity building of all stakeholders including but not limited to officers of Forest Department, Horticulture Department, Agriculture Department as well as Farmers, Traders, Healers, Households and Students.

  3. To create interest and awareness amongst public about, usage and cultivation of Medicinal Plants.

  4. To establish a State Level Library on Medicinal Plants and to set up database containing conservation status, quality standards, safety, efficacy, Good Agriculture Practices (GAP), Good Collection Practices (GCP), Good Storage Practices (GSP), trade and the uses of medicinal plants.  Library also to include data on medicinal species in forests of Karnataka, cultivation of medicinal plants, dealers, industries, folklore practices etc.

  5. Aggregate and set up data base of advanced cultivation techniques / packages and make it available to farmers including but not limited to Quality Planting Material, Irrigation, Fertilizer, Plant Protection, Post-harvest - Collection and Processing, which are cost effective in across agro-climatic regions and disseminate it through workshops.

  6. Promotion of cultivation by organizing and enriching the cultivators’ knowledge about the methods of cultivation, trade and its schedules including its primary processing.

  7. Promotion of co-operative efforts among growers, collectors and traders and assist them in effectively storing, transporting and marketing their medicinal plants or value-added products. 

  8. To create organized markets for Medicinal Plants.

  9. To assess the demand and supply of medicinal plants regularly to identify (a) High (b) Medium & (c) Low consumed/traded Medicinal Plants.

  10. To collaborate with different institutions, research organizations, Universities, Educational Institutions, etc in research and development activities on Medicinal Plants. 

  11. To move appropriate authorities for amendment of existing Policies, Acts and Rules for the development of medicinal plant sector as well as to preserve Intellectual Property Rights of Herbs and Herbal Medicines.

  12. Source funding to carry out different activities of the authority from different agencies.

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